KHEIRON, the IoThink Solutions IoT suite

KHEIRON, the IoThink Solutions IoT suite

IoThink Solutions is an independent IoT platform provider, based on 3 pillars: connectivity (multi-connectivity), equipment (sensors, machines, gateways, etc.) and use cases (Smart Building, City, Industry, Energy, etc.).

Its aim is to widen access to IoT and overcome technical obstacles by offering plug&play and vertical solutions. But also to facilitate POCs and mass production, as well as offer a simple business model, tailored to market expectations and in line with usage.

The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Nice.

   Produits Kheiron

  • The problem

Problems identified by our clients:

- Time-to-Market: the need to get to market quickly, desire to get ahead of the competition There is a choice of Make or Buy.

- Interoperability: often varied use cases with differing connectivity requirements. There are often several platforms.

- Scalability: rapid/automatic scale-up management. The physical servers are difficult to scale up, with long time frames.

- Cost control (CAPEX/OPEX): limiting investment and proposing a service offer with a simple business model in line with market expectations. The costs are often high and not tailored to requirements. The ROI is too long.

- Security: guaranteeing security, data integrity. Technologies are often outdated, with significant security breaches.


  • The solution

Kheiron IoT suite is more than a platform, it is a real “IoT suite” including a web platform, a mobile app (iOS/Android) and a development studio suited to beginners and experts alike.

This solution offers public plug&play equipment libraries (+750 items) and off-the-shelf use cases (+100).

It is deployed in 3 stages: endpoints, decoder and digital twin. It is a pay-as-you-go or price plan business model.

It is possible to use credit packs depending on the currency (Euro, USD, etc.)

There are many benefits for clients: rapid implementation, independently creating tailored use cases (No Code), a single and unique platform for all use cases, connectivity and equipment, as well as prices adapted to use to gradually scale up.

  • The relationship with Orange

IoThink Solutions uses Live Objects for all its network deployments. Orange Business Services uses IoThink tools in France, Belgium and Spain (5 Studio licences). OBS responds to calls for bids in France by offering IoThink solutions.

There are several prospects for the relationship between Orange and IoThink:

- Common calls for bids in France and for export.

- Putting IoThink in contact with distributor/integrator partners for export.

- Enhanced pairing of Kheiron/Live Objects.

- Common marketing and offers/webinars.