Data and Device management

Live Objects
Do you want to manage your fleet of devices, collect and store data from your connected devices securely?

Orange's IoT platforms for collection and device management allow you to set up your IoT projects with ease and connect your devices to our networks easily and safely.

In addition, the self-management and self-diagnosis connectivity services can help you manage and diagnose your IoT M2M fleet.

Live Objects, Orange's LoRa and cellular IoT platform, connects your devices, ensures they are working properly, and collects data.

Collect your IoT data

Collect your IoT data

Regardless of the telecom network (LoRaWAN, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT) you have a unique and centralized data source on which to base your services.

Transform and enhance your data

You can decode your data from our ready-to-use catalog and then enhance your data with localization or external sources or functions.

Route your data to your applications

Send your transformed and enhanced data to your applications or the cloud (Azure, AWS, Google, etc.) the way it suits you.

Ensure the proper functioning of your fleet


Constantly monitor your fleet and receive an alert in the event of a risk or problem.


You need to know the state of your fleet and have the tools to diagnose it.

Take action

Reduce risks and your costs by acting on your fleet of devices remotely.

Simplify your integration and your developments

IT integration

Your data and all the features can be used from our REST APIs.


Orange provides you with an end-to-end security policy on our networks and platforms and protects the confidentiality of your data.


Start with a POC and then deploy millions of devices without changing platforms with our scalable architecture.

To find out more, open an account and test as soon as possible on Live Objects.

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