Back to the office with Jooxter Live Occupancy

Back to the office with Jooxter Live Occupancy


  1. Introduction
  2. The problem to solve
  3. The solution: Jooxter Live Occupancy
  4. Everything you need to know about Jooxter
  5. The relationship with Orange, a win-win situation!


Businesses had to adapt during the pandemic, adopting new methods to keep working. The development of working from home arrangements has led companies to transform their workspaces depending on whether employees are working at the office.

According to the Les Echos article published on 23 March 2021 on the offices market: “the tertiary property sector has experienced a decline in investment of 42%, as well as a 45% decline in new leases”. To make savings, businesses have decided to reduce their floor space and make the most of the remaining area.

According to the IPD*, 75% of savings can be made in a property portfolio by optimizing floor space. A more organized workspace allows the company to improve productivity whilst reducing costs. Jooxter’s Live Occupancy solution offers a building optimization strategy based on collaborative office occupancy management.



The problem to solve

When an employee physically travels to the office, a business needs to be able to offer them space at that moment - and comfortable conditions. This issue is addressed by the Jooxter Live Occupancy solution. The objective is to offer space availability without double bookings or underuse. This process is time consuming, and employees might scour the office ‘blind’ to find an available space.

The solution: Jooxter Live Occupancy

Jooxter Live Occupancy is a web and mobile application offering live workspace reservation, supplemented with IoT and occupancy data analysis. The occupancy sensors verify space occupancy in real time. A reservation is intelligently confirmed or released by the solution. Jooxter Live Occupancy demonstrates total interoperability with the client ecosystem (agendas, HR tools, building management system, smart building, etc.).

There are multiple benefits for clients:

• No cumbersome infrastructure to deploy,

• Immediate gains in terms of resources, and a more flexible experience for employees.

Specifically, the Jooxter solution gives businesses access to occupancy data for their offices via the digital platform. With this solution, businesses can make decisions based on real and concrete data. The Jooxter team has skilfully implemented this Live Occupancy solution, which offers a brand-new digital experience. Jooxter can rely on an ecosystem of trusted partners!



Everything you need to know about Jooxter

Jooxter was founded in 2014 by Fabien Giererd. Its headquarters are in Lille. The company also operates in Paris, Luxembourg and Oxford (UK). The multinational Jooxter team has around thirty employees divided into 4 units.

The relationship with Orange, a win-win situation!

Jooxter has worked with Orange since 2016. Many Jooxter sensors are deployed on the Orange network. Jooxter uses the Orange internet of things network (LoRa) for its occupancy sensors, and helps to extend this network’s coverage by deploying Orange gateways with its clients. The future prospects for the relationship encompass more than 1,000 meeting rooms equipped with sensors in the banking sector, as well as the deployment of over 2,000 new sensors in 2022.




During the SIDO Paris event, Jooxter offered a packaged version with a limited number of sensors, the application and the service for a monthly fee, offering a sort of connected station for a given workspace. This package addresses questions regarding the solution’s size during initial testing.




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Well before the coronavirus pandemic, Fabien Giererd had already developed innovations at the heart of Smart Building and energies. He had already sought to improve business premises management. These solutions are aimed at a whole range of customers including entrepreneurs, Heads of HR, logistics or even start-ups. Jooxter was created at EuraTechnologies in Lille, in 2014. The main aim is to help clients to intelligently manage flexible offices. Jooxter’s business is expertise and the use of sensors and data. It will optimise the IoT solution as a whole. The goal of the Jooxter solution is to deliver services to businesses based on new technologies, offering a successful and cost-effective premises program for the benefit of collaborative projects. IPD*: IPD or Investment Property Databank is a reliable property index in France. It calculates changes in half-yearly and yearly rental yields in the professional and residential property portfolio.