Catalogue of IoT devices

Orange presents a new catalogue dedicated to IoT business products: a range of IoT devices, modules and solutions from our selected partners.
These products have been selected and validated by Orange on the Orange network in Europe. 

Orange Connected validation offer
Are you a manufacturer or a customer and you want to validate your connected object on the Orange network?
Integrate IoT catalogue
If you are a manufacturer of terminals, sensors or modules, you can also offer your products in the Orange catalogue.

Do you already know the type of connectivity you need and are you looking for our LoRaWan or cellular offers?
Data and Device management
Set up your IoT projects easily and connect your objects to our networks easily, securely.

Orange has defined three different levels of validation, identified by three different labels: Orange Assessed, Orange Connected and Orange Approved.
Details about the different validation labels can be found in the Frequent Asked Questions.

If you are a customer looking for IoT devices or solution for your business, or if you are a device manufacturer looking for a module to use for your products, please check the products selected by Orange in our IoT B2B catalogue.
If you are a device or module manufacturer and you would like to candidate your products to be part of the Orange catalogue, please register on



Using IoT efficiently can decrease our carbon footprint

Companies can use AI and IoT for environmental sustainability along with eco-friendly hardware to reduce waste. For exemple, through IoT and AI, businesses can develop systems to monitor their hardware: the system can detect and notify if the life cycle of a part is over or has turned faulty and guide the consumer through replacement procedures.

How Iot can enable environmental sustainability

Energy efficiency

An IoT system collects and analyzes data about energy consumption, then automatically determines the most cost-effective way to use it.

Pollution reduction

When air quality is poor, a smart city takes immediate action (such as offering free public transportation) and can easily measure the impact of corrective measures.

Waste reduction

Real-time information about resource consumption makes it possible to apply resources as needed as well as identify leaks, thus reducing or eliminating waste.

Quality & Durability

Monitoring raw material processing temperatures, age and chemical make-up can impact the quality, safety, and shelf-life of products.

System longevity

By detecting sub-optimal asset functioning in the equipment, maintenance can be performed before down episodes, thus avoiding expensive or dangerous unplanned failures.

Sustainable Innovation

Implementing an IoT system often means reviewing your business model. It is a unique occasion to rethink how to provide the benefit, transform products into services and improve flexibility.