Why IoT Continuum ?

IoT Continuum is an innovation program based on the observation that development projects for connected objects (Internet of Things) for industry are not as successful as expected. Furthermore, most projects do not even reach production phase. Failures often occur in two transitional phases: 

- between prototyping phase and pre-production phase;  

- between pre-production phase and industrial production. 

Many reasons can explain these failures, but the main one is the lack of continuity between one stage and the next, often requiring a complete redesign of the initial solution. 

lack of continuity decreases success rate

This edifying observation, shared by our partners, led us to design the IoT Continuum proposal.  This program simplifies the different sequences of an IoT project and avoids the need for a complete redesign of the project at each stage. IoT Continuum benefits from the expertise of 4 major complementary players in the IoT market to ensure its success.

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