Headquartered in Shenzhen, with a R&D center in Huizhou and local offices in the United States, Russia, Brazil, India and other countries and regions, Jimi loT is a national high-tech loT company focusing on location service. Based on connections empowered by loT devices and Saas service platform, and by applying techniques such as intelligent sensing, loT, cloud computing, big data, Al and mobile internet, Jimi loT offers total solutions that include hardware R&D, platform development and deployment, system integration, and much more. Our business reaches many fields, that is, Smart Fleet Management, Smart Electric Scooter Management, Smart Asset and Logistics Management, Smart Campus. Jimi loT has been deeply rooted in software and hardware solutions based on location services for several years. Our main hardware includes: smart terminals for vehicles, e-scooters, assets and cargos, and field workers; and more. We have also established platforms for managing loT Hub accesses, connections (CMP), and hardware (AMS). We have a lead in technological level, product quality, and economic returns, and have a competitive edge with similar products around the world. For many years, we have been striving to enable location-based commercial applications and to help traditional industries with digital transformation and collaboration. Being persistent in creating long-term value for the society, we have also been pursuing growth relentlessly, promoting innovation actively, and facing every challenge with optimism.