What is Extended Coverage (EC)?

Mode A extended coverage is also a new LTE-M functionality that came out in 2020. It helps improve radio coverage indoors and for underground locations by +8 dBm (enabling penetration of a thick wall), thanks to repeated messages. The service also protects the various messages needed for the service to operate. So with this application option a website can be used securely, since the system includes content management verification.


Content management verification

Extended coverage

Protect messages

Ability to reconstitute messages

Use a secure website

Improved network coverage

Extended coverage

Better coverage in underground locations

Message repetition mechanism

Improved indoor radio coverage

High speed and low latency

Extended coverage

Providing communication performance

Development of data emission

Ability to conduct an online conversation in real time


This is a purely radio functionality, which activates automatically from a reception threshold of -124 dBm, with no configuration of the connected object needed.

The network tells the device EC is to be used and dynamically adjusts the number of times messages are repeated (up to 32 times) depending on the channel (data/control).

As soon as the device has communication performance, message repetition ceases. With the message repeated multiple times, the recipient is able to reconstitute the content.

Extended Coverage (EC) improves network coverage in buildings and underground by repeating the data emitted.