What are the decisive benefits of LoRaWAN®?

Working perfectly with the 2G-3G-4G cell networks and IoT networks like LTE-M, LoRaWAN offers several clear benefits:

• Battery life: the best energy management, offering more than 10 years’ autonomy from a built-in battery.

• Range: from 3 to 50 km depending on topology, obstacles, and conditions

• Coverage: Orange offers excellent coverage in France (95% of the population), which can be further densified to meet specific needs, with additional gateways deployed.

• Reduced cost: subscription prices are particularly low with a 3-year commitment, extension of coverage (if applicable) is inexpensive. The long life of the objects reduces costly battery replacement.

• Bi-directional: objects can receive commands or information after emitting data (class A), or at any time (class C)

• Security: doubly protected - the objects are authenticated, and the data exchanged is encrypted end-to-end.

• Sustainable: open standard, evolving through collaboration between major industrial actors and operators within the LoRa Alliance, ensuring continuing upgrades in the long term.