5G: What opportunities for the IoT?


  1. 5G today and tomorrow
  2. Definition of 5G eMBB
  3. Opportunities ahead for the IoT
  4. AMA’s remote assistance solution
  5. AXYN’s telepresence application
  6. Outcome of trials with AMA and AXYM


1. 5G today and tomorrow


Evolution des réseaux jusqu'à la 5G

5G is the fifth-generation cellular network, the next step on from 4G (LTE). 5G brings higher speeds, new frequencies, and will soon offer much lower latency, support from a very high density of objects, and more. 

Today we have Non-Standalone 5G (NSA), which uses the 5G access network, but is still reliant on the 4G backbone. Tomorrow we’ll be using Standalone 5G (SA), with its own core network, independent of the 4G system.



2. Definition of 5G eMBB 

5G is already providing plenty of benefits, since the arrival of eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband), with download speeds 3 or 4 time higher than 4G.

5G eMBB already uses the new frequency band around 3.5 GHz, which helps free up the 4G network, while improving speeds.

3. Opportunities ahead for the IoT

5G includes all the big advantages of cellular networks that are already widely used for IoT solutions: end-to-end security, centralised management of connections and SIM cards, and so on, while very significantly increasing speed, bandwidth, reliability, responsiveness, and the density supported, all while optimising energy consumption.

Here are two examples of IoT solutions implemented thanks to the deployment of 5G:

4. AMA’s remote assistance solution

The solution includes a remote assistance system delivered through smart glasses and can improve remote collaboration in real time.

The AMA solution can be used for:

  • Remote diagnosis;
  • Planning;
  • Managing workflows;
  • Remote training.

This can be a decisive advantage for a company, since it provides a good quality connection in all geographic areas, sending quality images and audio content.

In sectors such as industry and healthcare, remote assistance is fundamental. Its potential is multiplying thanks to the development of 5G.

5. AXYN’s telepresence application

AXYN Robotique offers very versatile telepresence robots, which are suitable for the needs of various sectors such as health, education and industry.

The robot has two main uses:

  • Telepresence in the home;
  • Alarm verifications.

The AXYN solution offers a connection that:

  • Is stable, high-speed, and instantaneous;
  • Is accessible to all;
  • Does not need specific equipment.

The AXYN Robotique solution was tested at a football match at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille. The aim was to enable people who could not travel to enjoy the match in real time, like the sick children who were able to watch the game.

6. Outcome of trials with AMA and AXYN

AMA and AXYN successfully trialled 5G.

The experiment showed that thanks to 5G, we are moving towards a 100% connected world: “5G is the guarantee of better-quality HD video flows."

A 4G or 5G project?


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En savoir plus

The latest services mentioned in this article are also possible in smart cities, working with the infrastructure of operators to offer communications and new support services to the population.

Some are already insured and deployed in 4G, without requiring new connectivity or devices. At present, 4G already responds to a number of use cases with large volumes of data.

The new services will be able to offer lower latencies for the city players themselves in order to provide the general public with a better customer experience even for their Internet consumption. This reality is emerging, for example, in a number of increasingly intelligent transport infrastructures.

In addition, 5G networks will offer the possibility of optimizing energy consumption thanks to the specific technology retained in the antennas.

This sheet is oriented towards the business market and strong links with all uses of the Internet of Things, but it also represents a new customer experience of mobile telephony to discover on Hello Future for example.