"Orange Assessed" label

This label is associated to devices checked by Orange but not tested in the laboratories.

Orange makes sure that all documentation related to the device is provided by the manufacturer: CE certificate, technical specifications, user guides, etc. Orange also performs some end-user tests, for example: connecting the device to the Orange network, check the transfer of data from the device to the data management platform via the Orange network, use different settings / features of the device, visualise results of collected data, etc.

The brand and name /model of the device is checked by Orange, while the version of hardware and firmware is not specified in the assessment.

Some modules deployed in large numbers over Orange networks (data coming from networks' reports) but not tested in labs are also included in the catalogue as Orange Assessed.

Orange would like to indicate to users of the web portal that the device with label “Orange Assessed” has been identified and handled by Orange and therefore included in the IoT B2B catalogue.