Abeeway is a leading provider of disruptive IoT solutions for battery-powered tracking, based on innovative LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network connectivity and a patented cloud-powered technology that makes positioning low power and more valuable. Abeeway offers its expertise and services to achieve powerful and complete geolocation solutions with shortest time-to-market, allowing it to be a true enabler for mass-market IoT sectors such as asset tracking and management, logistics, process optimization or safety of people, animals and objects. Abeeway's mission is to deliver a full visibility of your businesses and matters along with the tools to optimize and control them. Abeeway has been founded by the creators of LoRaWan™, and now it is a member of the LoRa Alliance™: the largest, most powerful standards-based effort to enable the Internet of Things (IoT). Since April 2017, Abeeway belongs to Actility group, an industry leader in LPWA large scale infrastructure with ThingPark®, the new generation standard-based IoT / M2M communication platform.