How IoT has revolutionized Building Management Systems for Improved Energy Performance

Buildings are the single largest consumer of energy in Europe, representing 42% of energy consumed in the EU and 36% of CO2 emissions in 2021. As part of the European Union’s multi-annual program to address climate change and achieve sustainability, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) provides the means and sets the timeframe for decarbonizing Europe’s existing building stock by 2025. 


Orange leverages Data and IoT for improved energy performance



To address these challenges, and to accompany building operators and owners, Orange Business, with our partners, has developed a suite of digital and IoT solutions:

  • Smart Eco-energy ANALYTICS : a platform to automate the collection and analysis of energy-fluid consumption and invoice data
  • Smart Eco-energy CONTROL : an innovative “light” Building Management System (BMS) solution based on connected devices and IoT.
  • Smart Eco-energy CARBON : an intelligent “carbon data” platform to automate scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions reporting in order to reduce emissions


Smart Eco-energy CONTROL responds directly to the BACS Decree , a transposition into French law of the EPBD, which requires building operators and owners of tertiary, non-residential buildings to install building automation and control systems (BACS), also referred to as a building management system (BMS), before the end of 2025. 

In order to incentivize building owners to respect the regulatory calendar, governmental subsidies for implementing a BMS have been doubled for projects initiated before June 30, 2024. 


Orange Business innovates with IoT-enabled BMS

Smart Eco-energy CONTROL by Orange Business, a leading provider of IoT solutions, is a major innovation in the field of BMS solutions. 

 Smart Eco-Energy CONTROL draws on the latest developments in connected sensor-actuator technologies, enabling the automation and regulation of energy systems in buildings and providing numerous advantages such as: 

  • Cost efficiency : Smart Eco-Energy CONTROL can cost 2 to 10 times less expensive than a traditional BMS. 
  • Rapid and deployment without the need for intrusive work 
  • Financing : Smart Eco-energy CONTROL is a Class A system that can be financed in whole or in part with governmental incentives (Certificats d’économie d’énergie - CEE) 

Orange Business proposes a turnkey solution by managing the entire project lifecycle from estimating and sizing site requirements, configuration, installation and financing through to post-implementation maintenance and support. 


Data analysis, automatic system control, and reporting contribute to CSR and sustainable development objectives

In the face of increasing energy prices and climate risks, Orange Business Smart Eco-energy solutions have been designed specifically to help our customers improve their buildings’ energy and environmental performance. 

  • ANALYTICS is an easy-to-deploy platform that automates the collection and analysis of consumption and billing data for all energies and fluids. 
  • CONTROL is an innovative BMS solution based on connected object technologies and makes it possible to automatically control building energy systems
  • CARBON is a platform that allows customers to carry out a complete carbon assessment, manage action plans and facilitate carbon emission reporting that is required by new regulations.




Orange Business provides high value-added solutions by exploiting data to effectively measure and manage energy performance. 

Orange Business leverages in-house and partner expertise in the fields of AI, IoT and digital platforms for the benefit of customers by delivering operational solutions that generate immediate cost savings and reduce carbon emissions. 

With Smart Eco-energy CONTROL, Orange Business offers an innovative, IoT-enabled and data-driven response that addresses the complexities and costs associated with installing and operating building management systems.  As a leading digital services provider, Orange Business is committed to leveraging our expertise to help our customers to improve their energy performance, reduce carbon emissions, and to contribute to CSR and sustainability goals.- Cyril Hommel, Director, Energy Performance and Sustainable Development Practice, Orange Business

Cyril Hommel
Cyril Hommel - Orange Business


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